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Frederick Research Center

Partner 1 (PA1), Frederick Research Center (FRC) is a leading research non-profit organization in Cyprus. It was established in 1997 in order to create a solid foundation for the development of scientific research activities of Cypriot and foreign scientists. FRC’s main goals are:

  • to promote scientific research and science in general and to undertake and conduct research of basic and applied nature in various domains,
  • to encourage participation and development of R&D proposals, as well as the sound implementation of externally funded R&D projects,
  • to establish collaborations with other national and international research Centers and Universities, as well as SMEs for the execution of research work,
  • to offer R&D consulting services to individuals, business, organizations and the government

Frederick Research Center, engages highly qualified academic/research staff with long experience in implementing independent and high caliber research and with rich publications record in peer-reviewed scientific journals. FRC encourages the “Bottom-up” approach for development of ideas and therefore the projects implemented under FRC cover a broad range of research interests. Numerous R&D projects (~ 80 externally funded national and EU projects) have been carried out through FRC and part of their results have been presented in international scientific conferences, contributing to their dissemination and technology transfer. The Center has been involved in R&D projects relevant to Applied Sciences and Engineering, Environment, Education, Management & Economics and Social Sciences. To facilitate this, FRC has contemporary facilities and access to Frederick University’s infrastructure, equipment and software tools through a special collaboration agreement.  Furthermore, FRC staff has developed closed collaboration with several public authorities, enterprises, non-profit organizations and universities in Cyprus and abroad.