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Dr. Konstantinos Miltiadis Sakkas

Scientific Coordinator

Dr. Konstantinos Miltiadis Sakkas has a strong collaboration with RECS Civil Engineers & Partners LLC. He  holds Diploma in Mining and Metallurgical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), as well as MSc in Design and Development of Underground Projects. He received his Phd from the same university on the field of material science , developing innovative fire resistant materials through the technology of geopolymerisation. He has been involved in several European projects H2020 and EIT RAW MATERIALS projects aiming to the Valorisation of industrial wastes for the development of high added value materials through the geopolymerisation technology. More precisely he has been involved in the following projects:

–       RECOVER – Innovation in Motion: Red mud and Copper slag Valorisation in Engineered Products – Upscaling Project of the EIT RAW Materials – WP1 and WP3 : Target : Development of fire resistant materials from Copper Slag and Red Mud

  • Partial PGM-s – Development of novel, high performance hybrid twc/gpf automotive after treatment systems by rational design:Substitution of PGMs and rare earth materials – WP3. Target : Development of geopolymeric catalyst from FeNi slag
  • LEEMA, “Low Embodied Energy Insulation Materials”, focusing on the development of geopolymer foamed materials using as raw material an industrial waste (WP3 and WP4)  Target : Development of foamed materials from perlite
  • Invalor101 (INTERREG Balkan – Mediterranean) where the valorization of glass aims to the development of building materials,

Also he has more than 12 publications with more than 45 citations . The most relevant to the project publications are :

Books chapters

Β. Publications in national books Chapter 16 of the Handbook of Handbook of Alkali-Activated Cements, Mortars and Concretes Edited by: F. Pacheco-Torgal, J. Labrincha, C. Leonelli, A. Palomo and P. Chindaprasit ISBN: 978-1-78242-276-1. Elsevier Chapter 16 – The fire resistance of alkali-activated cement-based concrete binders , Pages 423-461, D. Panias, E. Balomenos, K. Sakkas C.

Journal Papers

(2016) Sakkas K., Nomikos P., Sofianos A., Panias D “Behaviour of Passive Fire Protection K-Geopolymer under Successive Severe Fire Incidents” Materials , Open Access Library Journal,  8, 6096-6104; doi:10.3390/ma8095294

(2015) Sakkas K., Nomikos P., Sofianos A., Panias D. ” Sodium based fire resistant geopolymer for passive fire protection “, Journal of Fire and materials ,Wiley Volume 39, Issue 3 April, Pages 259–270.

(2014) Sakkas K., Nomikos P., Sofianos A., Panias D. “Potassium based Geopolymer for Passive Fire Protection of Concrete Tunnels Linings”, Journal of Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, Elsevier Volume 43, July, Pages 148-156.

(2014) Sakkas, K., Kapelari, S., Panias, D., Nomikos, P. and Sofianos, A. Fire Resistant K-Based Metakaolin Geopolymer for Passive Fire Protection of Concrete Tunnel Linings. Open Access Library Journal, 1: e806 http://dx.doi.org/10.4236/oalib.1100806

(2014) Sakkas K., Nomikos P., Sofianos A., Panias D. “Utilisation of FeNi-Slag for the production of inorganic polymeric materials for construction or for passive fire protection”, Waste and Biomass Valorization ,Springer. June, Volume 5, Issue 3, pp 403–410

(2013) Sakkas K., Nomikos P., Sofianos A., Panias D. “Inorganic polymeric materials for passive fire protection of underground constructions”, Journal of Fire and materials ,Wiley. Volume 37, Issue 2, pages 140–150, March.