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Work packages and timeframe

The DIAVAL work plan consists of five (5) distinct work packages, implementing activities like prototype design and process engineering, production and application, management, exploitation and dissemination, certification and techno-economic analysis. The successful completion of all the WPs will result in the achievement of all the project objectives.

WP1 deals with all the activities related to the coordination of the project activities and their management, addressing all administrative issues among the Consortium and the steering committee of the project.

WP2 includes all the activities related to the exploitation, commercialization, dissemination and communication of the project results, including the strategies for the market penetration of the material and its commercial exploitation.

WP3 deals the full characterization of the raw material and it also deals with the laboratory development of the materials and measurement of the most crucial properties. This WP will be held by the academic partners, Frederick Research Center and University of Cyprus.

In WP4, the engineering of the paving blocks, scaling up focusing on paving block prototype is carried out. It includes also the prototype production in a large scale pilot application. It also includes the quality assessment including the measurement of all the crucial properties for market uptake.

Finally, WP5 includes the techno-economic analysis which will finalize the business plan and the exploitation plan.